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Introducing Saffron coffee Club:
LOCAL Coffee Shop Subscription

With our new coffee shop subscription you can enjoy all your coffees ( and teas & hot chocolates...) for £15 a month.

How does it work?
  1. Sign up and we'll send your unique QR code via email

  2. Download to your mobile wallet or save your email so it's ready to go

  3. Order your drink from our lovely team and scan your QR code at the till. Enjoy!

You can use up to 3 times a day (with one redemption every 30 minutes). 

You'll be best friends with your Barista before you know it!

100% Fairtrade

Ever since we started selling coffee, we’ve made sure that we’ve used the best coffee beans we can. The best for flavour. The best for the farmer. The best for the environment. Triple certified: organic, Fairtrade and rainforest friendly.

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